Cut Back on Frequent Sweaty Nights

Schedule an AC installation service in Rockford, IL

Considering shaving it all off just to keep cool this summer? Don't let the sweltering heat frizz you out. Get fast and reliable AC installation service from the local experts in Rockford, IL.

BeardedHvac Inc. is your go-to contractor for air conditioning installation and repair. Our countless satisfied clients rely on us to keep the cool air flowing. A new AC unit can cut down on monthly energy costs, while offering much more efficient and reliable relief throughout your entire home.

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What are the benefits of a modern air conditioner?

While we may enjoy letting our luscious locks blow in front of a fan, your fan isn't nearly as effective at cooling your house as an air conditioner would be. An AC installation service from us will give you major benefits with:

  • Improved reliability-gain peace of mind knowing your house will be just the right temperature
  • Lower energy bills-modern systems uses significantly less energy for superior cooling
  • Air circulation-constant flowing air is essential to eliminate mold and allergens, regulate temperatures and keep your home smelling fresh
The choice is obvious-contact us today to schedule an AC installation service in Rockford, IL.