Poor Air Quality Making You Scratchy?

Get air quality testing service in Rockford, IL

Bacterial growth and beard growth are two very different things. While one can be a source of dangerous health issues and allergies, the other is a signature trait of your friendly local HVAC contractors. Ensure your home's air is safe and healthy with air quality testing from BeardedHvac Inc.

As a trusted HVAC contractor in Rockford, IL for years, we're passionate about keeping our community safe. We can check your HVAC system and airflow throughout your home to let you know you can breathe easy. Call 815-558-4849 to schedule an air quality testing service today in Rockford, IL.

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How can UV light improve your air quality?

Did you know UV air cleaners are your best defense against allergens and accumulation in your home? Consider these facts about UV light:

  • UV-C light is the most powerful form of UV radiation, and can destroy microorganisms by scrambling their DNA
  • Because UV light is less prevalent inside our homes, indoor air pollutants levels can sometimes reach 100 times higher than normal indoors
  • Hospitals have used UV lights for years to keep medical tools and surfaces clean of bacterial growth
After an air quality testing service from BeardedHVAC, we can install UV germicidal lights inside your air ducts to eliminate the flow of toxins throughout your home. Contact us today for air quality testing service in Rockford, IL.